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Rat Tooth Rongeur 8" Straight 8mm Single Action

SKU: G24-766
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Rat Tooth Rongeur is widely used in orthopedic surgeries. The compact design of this instrument allows it to be fit in multiple surgical fields. It comes with multiple variations so that you can pick the best one of your choice, depends on the surgical need and type.


Rat Tooth Rongeurs are incredible instruments used for bone extraction. The instrument features rat-like teeth that facilitate bone extraction. It comes with a Single-Action mechanism to accommodate easy manipulation. Overall instrument length is 8". The STRAIGHT pattern is ideal for a range of orthopedic surgeries. The single-action mechanism provides a stronghold during procedures. Our broad range of bone rongeurs with a single action is manufactured from high-quality German surgical stainless material. So, all these high-quality rongeurs are reusable after sterilization. 

GerMedUSA is a real manufacturer and supplier of high-quality surgical instruments. All these instruments are carefully crafted while considering the surgical need of every process. These high-quality instruments are properly checked through the quality assurance process and verified through multiple assessments. If you are concerned about high-quality instruments, contact us or join us via live chat.


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