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Miller Laryngoscope Set of 6 Blades 1 Handle Fiber Optic

SKU: G9-548
Availability: In Stock

Miller Laryngoscope Set of 6 Blades, 1 Handle, Fiber Optic

Set Includes:
1G9-625Miller Laryngoscope Fiber Optic Standard Handle
1G9-614Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 00 G-Profile Style
1G9-618Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 1 G-Profile Style
1G9-616Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 0 G-Profile Style
1G9-620Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 2 G-Profile Style
1G9-622Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 3 G-Profile Style
1G9-624Miller Laryngoscope Blade Size 4 G-Profile Style
$520.64 $428.70

Miller Laryngoscope Set of 6 Blades, 1 Handle, Fiber Optic G9-625 Miller Laryngoscope Standard Handle G9-614 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 00 G9-616 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 0 G9-618 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 1 G9-620 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 2 G9-622 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 3 G9-624 Miller Laryngoscope Blade # 4


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