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Neurosurgery Laminectomy Retractor

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The Neurosurgery Laminectomy Retractor is an amazing surgical instrument used to retract skin and muscles during laminectomy procedures. They are ideal to be used in neurosurgical spinal procedures. The teeth of the retractors do not damage the skin of the patient. They are gentle and smooth on the skin. However, surgeons use a variety of retractors according to the needs of the surgery. These incredible instruments are made of 100% German medical-grade stainless steel. They are lightweight and rustproof. Experts suggest that the correct tool must be used in the required surgery. Moreover, these reusable instruments are easy to be cleaned within 10 minutes after surgery and sterilized before next use. Environmental changes, heat, and pressure do not affect the body of the tools. They are ideal to provide better access to the surgical site to the users. Thus, GerMedUSA offers Neurosurgery Laminectomy Retractor with many variations. Our tools are ideal to be a part of your amazing surgical kit.
Inge Lamina Spreader

Inge Lamina Spreader


Inge Lamina Spreader is used for orthopedic spinal surgeries. It can be used to separate the lamina ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Meyerding Skin Hook & Retractor Double Ended 6 1/4 inch

Meyerding Skin Hook & Retractor Double Ended 6 1/4"

SKU: G13-267

Availability: In Stock

Meyerding Skin Hook & Retractor is used to hold and retract skin tissues and others during a wide ra ...

Tuffier Rib Spreader  6 1/2 inch Spread

Tuffier Rib Spreader 6 1/2" Spread

SKU: G45-078

Availability: In Stock

Tuffier Rib Spreader, 2" x 1 3/4", grooved blades, 6 1/2" Spread.

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor Hinged Sharp 7x7 Teeth 1 3/4 inch Wide X 2 inch Deep Size 12 3/4 inch

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor Hinged Sharp 7x7 Teeth 1 3/4" Wide X 2" Deep Size 12 3/4"

SKU: G46-390

Availability: In Stock

Beckman Eaton Retractor is widely used in neurosurgical laminectomy procedures. It is crafted from h ...

Badgley Rib Spreader 6 1/2 inch Spread

Badgley Rib Spreader 6 1/2" Spread

SKU: G45-076

Availability: In Stock

Badgley Rib Spreader, 4x4 blunt teeth, 2"x 1 3/4", 6 1/2" Spread.

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