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Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor Hinged Sharp 7x7 Teeth 1 3/4" Wide X 2" Deep Size 12 3/4"

SKU: G46-390
Availability: In Stock

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor is specifically designed to hold back tissues and muscles during neurosurgical laminectomy procedures. It has two arms with 7 pointed prongs on each one to tightly hold back the structures.

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Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor is designed to provide access and exposure during laminectomy procedures. It features hinged sharp blades with 7x7 teeth, allowing for secure retraction and precise control of the surgical site. The retractor has a width of 1 3/4" and a depth of 2", providing ample space for the surgeon to work.Its design makes it easy to set up and use, providing the surgeon with optimal visualization and control during the procedure. It reduces the risk of tissue damage and improves surgical outcomes. In addition it is: 
    German Stainless Steel Made
•    Reusable
•    Non-Sterile
•    Hinged Sharp
•    Easily Handleable

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Material:Stainless Steel


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