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Nasal Instruments

The Nasal Instruments are amazing surgical instruments used for nasal surgical procedures. They include sinus surgery, septoplasty, transnasal skull base surgery, turbinectomy, and many more. Nasal surgeries need highly skilled doctors and technicians. Therefore, surgeons use all possible ways to reduce the chances of infections. However, several types of equipment such as punches, chisels, curettes, elevators, forceps, osteotomes, gouges, knives, retractors, rongeurs, saws, skin hooks, snares, speculum, scissors, and many more are used to perform surgeries. All sizes are not created the same so correct tools must be used for the required surgery. These instruments are made of 100% German medical-grade stainless steel. They are exceptionally safe and perform unparalleled surgeries. Moreover, they are reusable and can be cleaned or sterilized easily. They are lightweight, rustproof, and reliable tools. Thus, GerMedUSA offers a vast range of Nasal Instruments with multiple variations that are ideal to be a part of your surgical kit.

King Adenoids Nasal Punch  

King Adenoids Nasal Punch

King Adenoids Nasal Punch 4 11/32" Shaft, Triangular, 6mm Upper Jaw, 7mm Lower.

SKU: G20-116

Used during an adenoidectomy  to remove infected adenoids.

Nasal Forceps  

Nasal Knives  

Nasal Scissors  

Nasal Skin Hooks  

Nasal Skin Hooks

Joseph Skin Hook One Prong 6 1/2"

SKU: G22-23

Hooks Joseph Skin one prong 6 1/4"/ 16 cm

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