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Our Plaster Instruments are designed for orthopedic surgeries. Instruments for plaster cutting include:

•    Plaster Knife
•    Plaster Shears
•    Bruns Plaster Shears
•    Emergency Room Shears

We offer plaster cast removal instruments made of 100% German-grade stainless material. These lightweight instruments are easy to use and rustproof.

Plaster Knife  

Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle 1 1/2" Blade 7"

Reiner Plaster Knife is designed to be used to remove the delicate pieces of a dried plaster cast. It is also used for dilating and probing the length of the cervix. It is made from premium-grade German surgical stainless material. So, it is reusable after sterilization.

$187.40 20% Off

Plaster Shears  

Bandage and Plaster Shears

Bandage And Plaster Shears are well-suited to cut and remove the thicker plaster material and bandages. This instrument comes in several variations.

Multiple SKUs Available

Stille Plaster Shears

Stille Plaster Shears are widely used to cut and remove the plaster cast and used to set bone into the optimal position for effective and quickest healing. They have multiple variations, so surgeons can pick the best one of their choice. They are manufactured from high-grade German surgical stainless steel and can be reused after sterilization.

Multiple SKUs Available

Esmarch Plaster Shears

Esmarch Plaster Shears are used for cutting and removing the thicker plaster cast. The instrument is available in different sizes and patterns to accommodate healthcare professionals in multiple surgical procedures.

Multiple SKUs Available

Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge

Ideal for emergency medical situations, these 8" shears with a serrated edge deliver precise, effortless cuts. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling even in high-stress conditions. Low maintenance is required due to the high tensile strength of stainless steel material and resistance against environmental changes.

$139.95 20% Off

Bruns Plaster Shears 9 1/2"

The Bruns Plaster Shears 9 1/2" is a specialized medical tool for cutting hard materials like casts and bandages. The shears have a long, curved blade that allows precise cutting, and the non-ratcheted finger ring handles provide a comfortable grip. It is a durable and reliable instrument made of high-quality stainless steel.

$245.65 20% Off