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Nasal Knives

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The Nasal Knives are all-purpose surgical instruments used in nasal and rhinoplasty procedures. The features include flat handles, sharp blades, and double-ended cutting-edges. They ensure precise and smooth cuttings of septum, cartilage, and tissues. Joseph Nasal Knives, Ballenger Swivel Knives, Free Nasal Knives, and Converse Bistouri Knives are a few most prominent knives used in surgery according to the surgeon’s preferences. The body of the knife is made of 100% medical-grade German stainless steel. They are reusable, rustproof, and robust—that do not bend easily. These are extremely sharp and ideal to perform unparalleled surgeries. The special designs of the knives are ideal for quick and easy cuttings. Thus, GerMedUSA offers Nasal Knives with multiple variations that are perfect to be a part of your surgical kit.
Freer Nasal Knives

Freer Nasal Knives


Freer Nasal Knives are highly specialized surgical instruments and commonly used for septoplasty pro ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Converse Bistouri Knife With Button End Curved Blade 4 X 35mm 6 inch

Converse Bistouri Knife With Button End Curved Blade 4 X 35mm 6"

SKU: G22-303

Availability: In Stock

Knives, Converse Bistouri, with button end, curved blade, 4x35mm, 6"/ 15 cm

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