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Nail Nipper Smooth Handles

Nail Nipper 4 1/2" delicate, smooth handles

Nail Nipper 4 1/2", smooth handles

Nail Nipper 4", concave, delicate, smooth handles

Nail Nipper 4", smooth handles

Nail Nipper 5" heavy jaw, smooth handles

Nail Nipper 6", smooth handles

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Nail Nipper Smooth Handles are the incredible instruments to make the nail nipper easy to use during toenail cutting.

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Categories: Nail Nippers

These instruments come in multiple variations, such as Nail Nipper 4 1/2" delicate, smooth handles, Nail Nipper 4 1/2", soft handles, and many more. They are crafted from high-grade German surgical stainless steel and can be reused after sterilization. 


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