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Retractor for Acetabular Reaming

SKU: G32-445
Availability: In Stock

Retractor for Acetabular Reaming features a unique pattern and is manufactured in multiple variations. These variations help the surgeons in getting better access and provide more precise control over the instruments.


Retractor for Acetabular Reaming used after the femur is prepared and the broach has been placed; this retractor is placed on the inferolateral aspect of the acetabulum with the neck of the broach projecting through the large hole in the retractor blade. This serves to displace the femur posteriorly and help protect the greater trochanter while acetabular reaming is conducted. Overall Length is 12.5" (31.8 cm), Blade Width is 32 mm, and Hole dimensions are 18 mm W x 33 mm H.

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Material:Stainless Steel


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