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Jansen Wagner Retractor 5x5 Sharp Prongs Self Adjusting Size 5"

SKU: G29-48
Availability: In Stock

The Jansen Wagner Retractor is a surgical instrument used to retract tissues during various surgical procedures. It features two 5x5 sharp prongs that are self-adjusting and are 5 inches in size.

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The Jansen Wagner Retractor is easy to handle, making it a preferred choice for surgeons and medical professionals. The instrument's sharp prongs provide a more precise and secure grip on the tissue, minimizing the risk of tissue damage or slippage. It is an essential tool for various surgical procedures, including abdominal surgeries, gynecological procedures, and orthopedic surgeries, among others. Its self-adjusting feature and sharp prongs provide optimal tissue retraction and precision, making it a reliable and efficient tool for surgeons. Moreover this retractor is: 
    German Stainless Steel Made
•    Corrosion-Resistant

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Material:Stainless Steel


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