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Basic Nasal Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2920
Availability: In Stock

Basic Nasal Instrument Set is used to streamline nasal surgeries and provide better sinus access. This complete operating room nasal set is crafted from German surgical stainless steel.

Set Includes:
1G18-159Von Graefe Fixation Forceps 4 3/8" Without Catch Magnetic
2G19-64Ferguson Frazier Suction Tube 7 Fr
3G19-08-01Metal Applicator Size 1
2G11-20Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 6"
1G08-05Knife Handle No 7
1G08-01Knife Handle No 3
2G22-26Joseph Double Prong Skin Hook 6 1/4" 7mm Wide
2G22-24Joseph Double Prong Skin Hook 6" 2mm Wide
2G22-23Joseph Skin Hook One Prong 6 1/2"
1G20-64Cottle Septum Specula 6" 50mm
1G20-57Gerzog Mallet 7 1/2" 7oz
1G20-08Killian Nasal Specula 3" Blades
1G20-02Vienna Nasal Specula Medium
1G19-12Wilde Ear Forceps Angled 5" Delicate Serrated Tips
1G10-29Mayo Dissecting Scissors Curved 6 3/4"
1G17-66Halsey Needle Holder 5" Tungsten Carbide Serrated Jaw
1G13-39Senn Miller Retractor 3 Prongs Blunt 6 1/4"
1G13-38Senn Miller Retractor 3 Prongs Sharp 6 1/4"
1G13-123Allport Retractor 2 1/2" Spread 4x4 Sharp 4"
1G13-108Jansen Mastoid Retractor 3x3th Blunt 3 1/4"
2G12-22Adson Tissue Forceps 4 3/4" 1x2 Teeth
6G11-26Backhaus Towel Clamp 3 1/2"
6G11-02Halstead Mosquito Forceps Curved 5"
6G11-01Halstead Mosquito Forceps Straight 5"
2G10-45Iris Scissors Curved 4 1/2" - Sharp Tips
2G10-39Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors Standard Curved 7"
1G10-137Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors Standard Curved 5"
$4,304.00 $2,275.16

Basic Nasal Instrument Sets included total of 27 high-quality instruments that are perfectly used for nasal surgeries. This complete set features the following properties:

  • Premium Grade
  • Reusable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Customization

Additional Information

Item Type:Basic Nasal
Material:German Forged Stainless Steel
Unit of Measure:Set


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