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Major Nasal Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2940
Availability: In Stock

The Major Nasal Instrument Set includes instruments essential to open the sinus channels and remove blockages during major sinus surgical procedures. GerMedUSA offers this set with ergonomically designed tools at an affordable rate.

Set Includes:
1G22-160Maltz Rasp 8 1/4" Improved Double End Pattern Forward and Backward Cutting
1G58-162Joseph Rasp 6 1/4" Fine Cross Serrations
1G22-526Anderson Neivert Osteotome 8" Straight 5/32" (4mm)
1G22-540Sheehan Osteotome 6 1/4" Straight 7/16" (12mm) With Serrated Handle End
1G22-538Sheehan Osteotome 6 1/4" Straight 3/8" (10mm) With Serrated Handle End
1G22-536Sheehan Osteotome 6 1/4" Straight 5/16" (8mm) With Serrated Handle End
1G22-532Sheehan Osteotome 6 1/4" Straight 5/32" (4mm) With Serrated Handle End
1G22-315Cottle Knife Guide and Retractor Double Ended 8"
1G22-310Fomon Periosteal Elevator 6 1/4" Slightly Curved Blade 4.5mm Standard Pattern
1G20-32Killian Speculum W/ Set Screw 2 2.5 3 3.5" Blade
1G24-260Nylon Mallet 7 1/2" 7OZ
1G10-137Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 5" Standard Curved
1G10-39Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 7" Standard Curved
1G10-44Iris Scissors Straight 4 1/2" - Sharp Tips
1G10-46Strabismus Scissors Straight 4 1/2"
1G10-47Strabismus Scissors Curved 4 1/2"
1G12-21Adson Dressing Forceps 4 3/4" Serrated
1G19-101Jansen Bayonet Forceps Serrated 7 1/2"
1G14-90Crile Wood Needle Holder 7"
1G18-91Desmarres Lid Retractor Size 3
1G18-292Castroviejo Caliper 3 1/4"
1G18-293Steel Ruler
1G21-147Freer Elevator Double Ended With Blunt Sharp Blades 7" 5mm Wide
2G20-63Cottle Septum Specula 6" 35mm
1G20-67Hartman Nasal Dressing Forceps Delicate Pattern Serrated 7"
1G20-22Ballenger Swivel Knife 7 1/4" Bayonet Style 3mm Blade
1G20-23Ballenger Swivel Knife 7 1/4" Bayonet Style 4mm Blade
1G22-303Converse Bistouri Knife With Button End Curved Blade 4X35mm 6"
1G22-307Joseph Periosteal Elevator 7" Strong Curve 6.5mm
1G22-17Cottle Joseph Retractor Two Sharp Prongs 12mm Wide 5 1/2"
1G22-314Converse Alar Retractor 4" Double Ended Blunt 10mm and 14mm
1G22-316Nievert Knife Guide and Retractor Double Ended 6 1/2"
1G22-318Cinelli Osteotome 6 1/2" Straight 3/8" (10mm) Double Guard
1G22-21 AJoseph Bone Saw 7" Straight
1G22-16Maltz Nasal Rasp 7" Backward Cutting
1G22-13Aufricht Glabellar Rasp 8" Forward Cutting Serrations
1G22-329Fomon Rasp 8 1/4" Double End Fine and Coarse Teeth 4 Sided Both in Flat and Convex
1G22-330Cottle Dorsal Scissors 6 1/2" Heavy Pattern
1G19-243Ash Septum Straightener Angled Blades Flat Inside 9"
2G21-15Schnidt Tonsil Hemostatic Forceps 7 1/2" Slight Curved
$5,670.18 $4,536.14

Our Major Nasal Instrument Set consists of different scissors, elevators, osteotomes, and many other tools. All these instruments are made of medical-grade German stainless steel to make them durable and robust. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion. Besides, all our tools in the set have : 
    Surface inert to many chemical reactions
    Non-slippery structure
•    Low maintenance cost 
    High tensile strength


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