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Nephrectomy Set

SKU: G40-2000
Availability: In Stock

The Nephrectomy Set is a collection of different tools required to treat various kidney disorders, such as kidney cancer. GerMedUSA offers an affordable set of tools that need low maintenance.

Set Includes:
1G13-95Cushing Vein and Nerve Retractor 9"
1G46-334Love Nerve Retractor Angled 45 - 7 mm Blade Size 8 1/2"
2G16-164Mayo (Guyon) Vessel Clamp Double Curved Jaws Serrated 9 1/4"
2G16-163Herrick Kidney Pedicle Clamp Double Angled Jaws Serrated 9 1/2"
1G16-34Randall Kidney Forceps 7 1/2" With Full Curve
1G16-33Randall Kidney Forceps 7 3/4" With Three-Quarter Curve
1G16-32Randall Kidney Forceps 8 1/2" With Half Curve
1G16-31Randall Kidney Forceps 9 1/4" With Quarter Curve
2G11-45Babcock Intestinal Forceps 9 1/2"
1G11-145Gray Cystic Duct Forceps 7" - Set Of Two Serrated
1G16-97Ochsner Trocars 6 1/4" 20 Fr. For 16 Fr. Catheters
2G17-33Metzenbaum Scissors Delicate Curved 7" - Tungsten Carbide
1G16-15P-6Director and Tongue Tie Probe 6"
1G16-14-6Probe with Eye 6"
1G17-147Sarot Needle Holder Serrated 10 1/2" Tungsten Carbide
1G17-163Heaney Needle Holder Serrated Curved 8" Tungsten Carbide
1G15-10Bozeman Uterine Dressing Forceps Curved 10"
4G11-118Gemini Mixter 11" Delicate Forceps Fully Curved Jaws
2G11-117Gemini Mixter 9" Delicate Full Curved Jaws
6G11-54Adson Hemostatic Forceps Curved 7 1/4"
2G11-109Mixter Hemostatic Forceps 9" Fully Curved Serrated
$5,216.16 $3,142.83

Our Nephrectomy Set includes different nephrectomy instruments such as forceps, retractors, needle holders, and many more. All these tools are made of German stainless steel. Additionally, scissors and needle holders have Tungsten Carbide inserts. All the tools in our collection are : 
•    Autoclavable
•    Resistant to rust and corrosion
•    Ergonomically designed

Additional Information

Item Type:Nephrectomy Set
Material:German Forged Stainless Steel
Unit of Measure:Set


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