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Vaginal Tubal Ligation Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2670
Availability: In Stock

Vaginal Tubal Ligation Instrument Set is ideally used to perform a vaginal tubal ligation. All instruments have specific functions for the ligation purpose. The complete set contains multiple instruments for different functions. All of the instruments are reliable, sturdy, and sharp. These instruments feature high-quality stainless material.

Set Includes:
1G15-03Graves Vaginal Speculum, Medium, 4" 1 1/4"
4G11-20Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 6"
1G08-04Knife Handle No 4L
1G08-03Knife Handle No 4
6G11-69Rankin Kelly Forceps Curved 6 1/4"
1G17-113Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Curved 9"
1G17-112Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Straight 9"
1G15-90Auvard Weighted Vaginal Speculum, 4" X 1 3/4" Blade, 2.5 Lbs
1G15-13-1Simpson Uterine Sound, Silver Plated, Graduated In Inches, 12 3/4"
2G15-127Braun Uterine Tenaculum Forceps, 9 1/2"
2G15-105Heaney Hysterectomy Forceps, Heavy Double Tooth, 8"
1G10-27Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight 6 3/4"
1G13-33Deaver Retractor Plain Handle 1" X 12"
2G12-33Russian Tissue Forceps 10"
1G12-06Thumb Tissue Forceps 1x2 Teeth 5 1/2 "
2G11-60Babcock Intestinal Forceps 8"
2G11-34Rochester Pean Forceps Curved 8"
6G11-27Backhaus Towel Clamp 5 1/4"
2G11-154Allis Willauer Tissue Forceps 5X6 Teeth 10"
3G11-13Foerster Sponge Forceps Straight 9 1/2" Serrated Jaws
6G11-04Kelly Hemostatic Forceps 5 1/2" Curved
1G10-39Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors Curved 7"
Categories: OB / GYN Surgery Sets

Tubal ligation is done to prevent pregnancy. The gynecologist needs this amazing set of instruments for ligation purposes. This set adds equipment that can be used for providing visualization and easy access. This set includes intestinal forceps, retractors, dissecting scissors, and many more. The body of the instrument is 100% medical-grade stainless material. Some instruments have a combination of tungsten carbide. These metals keep them lightweight and rustproof. The stainless body renders the surface inert to many chemical reactions. Thus, it gives an exceptional built-in corrosion resistance. They are reusable tools that can be sterilized easily.

GerMedUSA offers an extensive range of surgical instruments with many variations. Our surgical instruments are perfect to be a part of your unique surgical kit for years. These instruments are ideal for performing a broad range of surgical operations. We can also design our surgeons' custom kit packs according to their needs. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp. Millions of surgeons throughout the globe rely on our instruments. We enable the world's top care community to manage their surgical practices. Thus, deliver quality care to patients.


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