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Basic Eye Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2850
Availability: In Stock

The Basic Eye Instrument Set comprises different eye instruments. Surgeons use these tools to treat multiple vision-influencing disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy. GerMedUSA offers this set with high-quality ophthalmic instruments.

Set Includes:
1G18-144Iris Forceps 4" 1x2 Teeth Standard Straight Pattern
1G18-491Eye Suture Scissors Curved Pointed Blades
1G08-05Knife Handle No 7
1G08-01Knife Handle No 3
1G17-154Castroviejo Needle Holder 5 1/2" Tungsten Carbide with Lock Straight Serrated
1G18-244Eye Scissors Curved 4" - Sharp Tips
1G18-243Eye Scissors Straight 4" - Sharp Tips
1G18-316Castroviejo Corneal Scissors 4 1/4" Curved Left
1G18-315Castroviejo Corneal Scissors 4 1/4" Curved Right
1G18-268Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Slender Style Straight 4 1/2" - Blunt Tips
1G18-217Chalazion Mucocele Retractor 10x16 mm 9 cm
1G18-355Arruga Capsule Forceps 4" Curved Standard
1G18-184Castroviejo Suture Forceps 4" 1x2 0.9mm Teeth
1G18-160Von Graefe Fixation Forceps 4 3/8" Without Catch Non-magnetic
1G18-146Iris Forceps 4" 1x2 Teeth Standard Pattern Half Curved
1G18-320Miniature Blade Breaker Straight With Lock
1G18-124Eye Dressing Forceps Delicate Pattern Serrated 4" Half Curved Tips
1G18-123Eye Dressing Forceps Delicate Pattern Serrated 4" Straight Tips
1G18-292Castroviejo Caliper 3 1/4"
1G18-117Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula 0.75mm Wide
1G18-81Von Graefe Strabismus Hook Medium
1G18-91Desmarres Lid Retractor Size 3
1G18-331Castroviejo Eye Speculum 3 3/4" Medium 15X5mm O.D
1G18-45Lancaster Eye Speculum Non-Magnetic
1G18-238Stitch Scissors Curved 3 3/4" Fine Tips - Blunt Blades
4G11-26Backhaus Towel Clamp 3 1/2"
6G11-89Halstead Mosquito Micro Forceps Very Delicate Pattern Curved 5"
4G11-88Halstead Mosquito Micro Forceps Very Delicate Pattern Straight 5"
1G18-246Iris Scissors Curved 4" - Sharp Tips
1G18-245Iris Scissors Straight 4" - Sharp Tips
$5,480.41 $4,384.33

Our Basic Eye Instrument set includes scissors, forceps, towel clamps, and many more. The tools in this kit are made of German stainless steel, making them durable and reliable. Moreover, we offer this set, so surgeons don’t need to buy tools individually. They can get the tools necessary for basic eye surgery in this set. The tools in our kit have :
•    Comfortable handles for enhanced control over the tool 
    Precise structure to reduce surgeons’ finger strains 
    Non-slip surface to avoid tool slippage 
    High tensile strength


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