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Dacryocystorhinostomy Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2890
Availability: In Stock

Dacryocystorhinostomy Instrument Set includes different tools necessary for Dacryocystorhinostomy surgeries. All these tools help surgeons drain tears between the patient’s eyes and nose. We offer this dcr instruments set with multiple variations of our unique instruments.

Set Includes:
1G18-327Bowman Lacrimal Probe 5" Doubled Ended Sterling Silver Size 3 - 4
1G20-101Takahashi Ethmoid Forceps 4 1/2" 2.5X10mm
1G20-64Cottle Septum Specula 6" 50mm
1G19-77Lempert Rongeur 6" Curved 3mm Single Action
1G24-265Mallet Lightweight 9 Oz Stainless Head Size 7 1/2"
1G19-107Baron Suction Tube Size 3 French 7 1/2"
1G19-64Ferguson Frazier Suction Tube 7 Fr
1G20-42Kerrison Rongeur Shaft 2 3/4" Size 2
1G21-147Freer Elevator Double Ended With Blunt Sharp Blades 7" 5mm Wide
1G22-69West Bone Chisel 7 1/2"
1G20-21Freer Septum Chisel 5mm Wide Curved 6 1/2"
1G18-131Eye Dressing Forceps 4" Full Curved Serrated Tips
1G08-01Knife Handle No 3
1G18-326Bowman Lacrimal Probe 5" Doubled Ended Sterling Silver Size 1 - 2
1G18-325Bowman Lacrimal Probe 5" Double Ended Sterling Silver Size 00-0
1G18-324Bowman Lacrimal Probe 5" Double Ended Sterling Silver Size 0000-000
1G18-298Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4" Long Taper
1G18-293Steel Ruler
1G18-100Tyrell Iris Hook 4 3/4" Sharp
1G18-339Goldstein Eye Retractor 3x3 Pointed Prongs 5mm Deep 1 1/8"
1G18-44Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum For Microsurgery
1G10-50Wire Cutting Scissors 4 3/4" Angled One Serrated Blade
1G17-29Metzenbaum Scissors Delicate Straight 5 1/2" - Tungsten Carbide
$3,269.54 20% Off

Our Dacryocystorhinostomy Instruments Set consists of wire-cutting scissors, iris hooks, a lacrimal probe, a steel ruler, and many more. Besides, the tools in the collection are made of robust manufacturing materials. That is why they are reliable and durable. In addition, our dcr instruments in this set have the following features: 

•    Perfect for accessing confined surgical sites easily 
    Ideal for relieving finger fatigue in surgeons' hands 
    Easily autoclavable 
•    Reusable


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