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Basic Hip Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2750
Availability: In Stock

The Basic Hip Instrument Set is specifically designed to help diagnose and treat hip problems. This set includes all Hip Arthroscopy instruments, Total Hip Replacement instruments, Total Hip Resurfacing, Revision Hip Surgery, and many others.

Set Includes:
1G22-153Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 3/8" (10mm)
4G11-198Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 7 1/2"
1G18-293Steel Ruler
1G24-29Stille-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Angled Blade 10 1/2"
1G24-31Stille Luer Rongeur 8 1/2" Curved 10mm Double Action
1G19-160Spratt (Brun) Mastoid Curette 6 1/2" Oval Cups Size 2/0 (4.8mm)
1G19-163Spratt (Brun) Mastoid Curette 6 1/2" Oval Cups Size 2 (8.3mm)
1G19-165Spratt (Brun) Mastoid Curette 6 1/2" Oval Cups Size 4 (11.8mm)
1G19-167Spratt (Brun) Mastoid Curette 6 1/2" Oval Cups Size 6 (14.0mm)
1G13-237Beckman Retractor Hinged 4x4 Teeth 12 1/2" 3/4" X 1" Sharp
1G13-243Hohmann Retractor 9 1/4" 10mm Wide Blade
1G13-245Hohmann Retractor 9 1/4" 22mm Wide Blade
1G13-247Hohmann Retractor 9 1/4" 70mm Wide Blade
1G13-99Volkman Retractor 8 1/2" One Sharp Prong
1G22-151Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 1/4" (6mm)
1G13-238Adson Retractor 4x4 Straight Sharp Teeth 3/4" x 3/4"
1G22-155Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 1/2" (13mm)
1G22-157Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 5/8" (16mm)
1G22-159Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 3/4" (19mm)
1G22-233Putti Bone Rasp Double Ended Round and Flat 11 3/4"
1G22-243Key Elevator 8 ¼” Squared 1.0”
2G08-03Knife Handle No 4
1G08-05Knife Handle No 7
1G08-04Knife Handle No 4L
1G13-57MRichardson Eastman Retractors Double Ended Set Of Two 10"
6G11-20Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 6"
2G46-104Modified Gigli Bone Saw Wire - Turnable
1G46-114Bailey Saw Guide 12"
1G58-3240Langenbeck Elevator 7 3/4" 17mm Sharp
6G11-63Coller Crile Forceps Curved 6 1/4"
1G17-10Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Straight 6 3/4"
1G17-12Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Curved 6 3/4"
1G17-20Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 9" (Nelson) - Tungsten Carbide
1G17-18Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 7" - Tungsten Carbide
1G17-19Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 8" - Tungsten Carbide
1G12-06Thumb Tissue Forceps 1x2 Teeth 5 1/2"
1G12-01Dressing Forceps 5 1/2" Serrated
1G12-21Adson Dressing Forceps 4 3/4" Serrated
1G12-22Adson Tissue Forceps 4 3/4" 1x2 Teeth
1G12-31Russian Tissue Forceps 6"
1G12-32Russian Tissue Forceps 8"
6G11-02Halstead Mosquito Forceps Curved 4 3/4"
6G11-06Crile Hemostatic Forceps Curved 5 1/2"
6G11-91Crile Rankin Hemostatic Forceps Curved 6 1/4"
3G21-10Yankauer Suction Tube 20 Fr Standard Size
2G11-34Rochester Pean Forceps 8" Curved
4G11-41Rochester Ochsner Forceps Straight 8"
2G11-117Gemini Mixter 9" Delicate Full Curved Jaws
6G11-27Backhaus Towel Clamp 5 1/4"
1G11-13Foerster Sponge Forceps Straight 9 1/2" Serrated Jaws
1G17-46Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Serrated 7" Tungsten Carbide
1G17-47Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Serrated 8" Tungsten Carbide
1G17-62Crile Wood Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Jaws Serrated 7"
1G13-59Gelpi Retractor 6 1/2" Standard 16.5cm Sharp Tips
2G13-46Volkman Retractor 8 1/2" 4 Prongs Sharp
1G13-107Bennett Tibia Retractor Large 9 1/2"
1G13-225Hibbs Retractor 9 1/4" 1" X 3" Blade
1G13-10Weitlaner Retractor 3x4 Teeth 6 1/2" Sharp
$11,494.35 20% Off

All instruments included in the Total Hip Instrument Set are perfect and ideal for a broad range of hip surgeries. They are crafted with high-quality German surgical stainless material. Some instruments also have a combination of tungsten carbide. Both metals keep the instruments lightweight and rustproof.

•    German stainless steel 
•    Lightweight and rustproof
•    Require low maintenance 
•    High tensile strength 
•    Corrosion and resistance-free
•    Sterilizable and reusable


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